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My Cool Week

Monday I went the park and made a fire, then when the fire was done we made banana boats. I would think of this would be like making things.Then I did minigames with Kaitlyn and I would think of this as Physical Activity.

Tuesday I did nature creations, and I would think of this arts and crafts. I played capture the flag in the new park and I would think of this as physical activity. I played ping pong and I would think of this as physical activity.

Wednesday I started to learn Chinese and I put that as learning new things. I made a 3D oreo but I still haven’t finished the top. That is arts & crafts.

Thursday I played Dixit and I would put that as physical activity & peace. I did Andrew’s around the sun and I went to Romare Beardon park which are both physical activity.

Today I played Dixit which I put as physical activity and quizzes from a book and that was learning new things and tessas around the sun as physical activity. We reviewed the Chinese words too.


Insert from Nancy: This week in Spawn Point, I asked the kids to choose some categories for “ways to spend time at school” that felt really important to them. Then we color coded each category to see how many things we do each day in those categories when we reflect. At the end of the day, the kids color their stickies if they match a category and store them in the labeled envelope:


A Interesting Week

Wednesday, I went to the park and played capture the flag.When we got back I played with Kaitlyn my best friend, we played some minigames. Then I tried to play werewolves but ended up just watching.Yesterday I walked to Rita’s, and I got cotton candy.Today, I went to a new park and played capture the flag again.


My Extremely Awesome Week

Tuesday: I went  to Ray’s Splash Planet. It’s a fun waterpark, with a whirlpool, lazyriver, big slide and basketball and volleyball in the pool.

Wednesday: I did some spanish skits, die-off, foosball and I went to Rita’s!!:D

Today:I jumped on a bouncey house.


Strange But Awesome Week

On Monday Elisha laid on my shoulder, I got sprayed with the hose and sprayed Kate, Tessa and Elisha,I played Trivia Persuit Jr. On Wednesday I did die-off, Painted my nails, played family.Yesterday I Painted, spanish skits, dramatic horses,Hung-out with Tessa in our hideout, watched some video’s on youtube. Today I just wrestled and hanged out with Elisha, Kaitlin and Tessa.

My Cool Week

On Wedsnday I played this new game that I never heard of it was called Dixit, and it was fun, I got tied with someone else.Yesterday I went to Mill’s farm, Ii got to see some horses an cows.then I got to eat some ice cream from the shop. Today I watched some netflix on my kindle. and I got wet from the hose, did a mad lib.

My Extremely Awesome Week

Well, I did paper crafting on Tuesday, I made some pretty awesome stuff, like making this paper airplanes but it was different from the regular one’s. I went to Tessa’s spa on Wednesday, I got a foot massage it was AWESOME and so relaxing, I also got a back massage again AWESOME, then I got my toe nails polished and my hair done, and got makeup. then I helped out with Tessa for her spa. I also made some shampoo and conditioner, but all those stuff I put in was from outside. Today I saw this talent show.

Week of fun

Tuesday I did an easter egg hunt, and a dance off. On Wednsday I did body painting and went to ritas. Thursday I went to a hike and watched some haunting hour. Today I roleplayed with Liberty, Tessa and Sara, I also hung out with Dan and Braeden and we did legos, And I played with my zoomer until it died :(.

my awesome week

on wedsnday i played with isabella, and we played family. today i cooked some raw cupcakes, i liked how it was fun because you got to cook it. in the future i want to cook treats.

vet trip

we went to dr.wheelock vet. we saw a dog in surgery, and saw an x-ray of a lizard. we asked questions to the owner. we also took daisy with us.

it was a fun vet trip!!!

My Week

Yesterday I went to the bookstore and played with the kittens. I also planned what we were gonna do when we went to the vet. Today I went to a play called Interrupting Vanessa and it was funny.